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Sirkin Roof

Mural for a blessed space for culture in Sirkin 21, Talpiot Market in Haifa. 

This one is dedicated to compassion. Life experiences, thoughts and emotions are like clouds coming and going across blue skies. We are, as consciousness, the sky themselves, the observers of these manifestations and not the manifestations themselves. We are like a container for all that arises in our lives, internally or ‘externally’- meaning life circumstances or inner emotions so as patterns we have picked up along the way from society or our families. Generating compassion towards ourselves is like shining a light on whatever we perceive within us or around us, even the parts we wish not to look at or push away. Compassion is love and when we open our hearts and let the pattern, emotion or thoughts a space to just be without judgement or resistance this is in of it self healing and enables this energy to be transmuted and transformed. Paradoxically, when we allow ourselves to be exactly as we are and stop needing to change ourselves, circumstances or others in our lives, the energy of these manifestations naturally evolve into their higher form and vibration naturally. The highest form in the physical plane, which is love.


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