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Modern Tribalism


Illustrated plates collection for Gili Ungar Home Styling. The subject of modern tribalism stems from the colourful and vibrant DNA that is an inherent part of the language created in Gili's works. This project aims at asking questions like what defines culture in general and western culture specifically, Are there similarities in the way we live today to the tribal ways of our ancestors?

The western world seems to have gone astray from nature and from archaic ways of living as a tribe and as a community, yet all of our traditions are rooted in ancient ones that trickle down into today's so called modern society and morphed into seemingly new modern customs. Western society's properties are almost see through because they are so obvious to us but when we look at them closely and with objective eyes we can see that they are ritualistic and tribalistic none the less. Set design by Gili Ungar, photography by Shiran Carmel at Limor Tamir's lovely studio. 

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