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Meta Tel Aviv, Israel

Mural at meta's Tel Aviv offices  as part of Meta Open Arts project, curated by Linda Shevlin. 
Technology in general and social media in particular are part of the natural evolution and unfoldment of human consciousness. In my work I use the metaphor of the jungle or nature to symbolize natural evolution and consciousness, that in my view is the underlying fabric of existence and life. My intention is to use this symbol to express how Meta is part of natural evolution and how it serves as a ground for the flourishing of ideas, communication and interactions that enable, Through sharing and connecting, the flowering of new life, of new ways of thinking and acting in the world. 

The mural presents different characters that ‘grow’ ideas and self expression- symbolised by nature, creating a sort of a pattern that runs through the characters and connects them. The idea is that there is no real separation between technology and its various platforms,  and nature- they both reflect, shape and serve one another and are therefore one continuous idea, a pattern that is being created to propel human evolution.


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