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Mural for the nightlife wonderland Kuli Alma. Kuli Alma is a music and art-focused nightlife institution nestled into the creative crux of south Tel Aviv.  It focuses on bringing out-of-the-box content  and art to a far-reaching audience of insatiable night owls, music lovers and culture enthusiasts and showcases different murals made by an array of Israeli artists, to create a changing gallery of contemporary Israeli art. 

The mural is a celebration of women empowerment, of witchiness and of letting go of conventional behaviours and ways of thinking, for the sake of connecting to our true essence which is free, wild and infinite and can be excessed through dance and music. The inspiration for the mural was

Bali tribal masks and Buddhist ceremonies in which the participants wear masks that embody the spirits to which they seek to connect in order to release negative emotional patterning and cultivate a higher state of being.  

Kuli Alma

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